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“Gin is more than just alcohol and water. After almost three decades of personal experience with herbal medicine I am convinced that the medicinal benefits of botanicals also go into the distillate”.

AphroGin is the project of a gin enthusiastic Bavarian family with the recipe coming from the father, a gynaecologist with decades of experience in herbal medicine. This carefully selected mixture of botanicals comes from more than 80 different plants (originating in 28 different countries), half of which are used as aphrodisiacs in traditional medicine in various cultures.

In using such a large number of botanicals, we were by no means attempting to trump other excellent gins that produce incredible tastes with far fewer botanicals. What we have set out to achieve is far more a well thought through combination of plants in terms of their energetic qualities and taste to produce an orchestra for the senses giving you the full experience of AphroGin.

In the production process we only use carefully selected, organically sourced plants or ones that are picked in the wild. As far as possible, we avoid all plastics in the purchasing and processing of our products. Every step in the production process, from the collection of herbs to the distilling and bottling is done by hand. The multiple award winning organic distiller Josef Farthofer uses all of his expertise and experience when distilling AphroGin. His certified organic distillery in the “Mostviertel”, south east of Linz produces various schnaps, spirits and liquors and he was immediately won over by the idea of AphroGin!

In a world full of distractions and problems, AphroGin hopes to help us reach a state of paradise where we are at peace with ourselves and thus able to give those around us our undivided attention – the true basis for passion!



As we all live on this beautiful planet, we all have a responsibility to protect this creation, to respect uninhabited & inhabited nature, to protect all living creatures, plants and animals alike and to treat one another with love and decency.

It must be our maxim to behave and use the Earth’s resources so that future generations will also be able to enjoy this planet.

In our opinion, ecological farming is the only sustainable form of agriculture with a prospect for the future. That is why we have for many years been running our small holding as an organic farm.

It was a father & gynaecologist with a fable for herbal medicine who came up with the idea to make aphrodisiac plants & herbs the dominant feature in a gin. The very same plants that he uses in his practice. Aphrodisiacs, named after the Greek Goddess of love, are plants that stimulate love & passion. All forms of traditional medicine recognize these plants and there are undoubtedly many myths about them. Some, however, have had their effectiveness proven in scientific studies.

Enjoy AphroGin as a typical “Gin & Tonic” or in any other mixological creation!

AphroGin: Passion for Gin – Gin for passion.




Danke für's Einreichen!

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